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本文摘要:Google is planning a futuristic campus that it hopes will live up to its innovative image.谷歌正在规划设计一个充满著未来感的园区,该公司期望它需要突显其致力创意的形象。

Google is planning a futuristic campus that it hopes will live up to its innovative image.谷歌正在规划设计一个充满著未来感的园区,该公司期望它需要突显其致力创意的形象。Renderings, submitted to the Internet giant’s hometown of Mountain View, Calif., show office buildings enclosed in tents of glass that look like undulating greenhouses. Office walls are designed to be adjustable so that they can be moved like furniture depending on the company’s needs.根据设计公司递交给这家总部坐落于加州山景城的互联网巨头的效果图,这栋办公大楼被包覆在外形犹如波浪形温室的玻璃帐篷之中。办公室的墙体可以基于该公司的必须,像家具那样给定调整移开。“Instead of constructing immoveable concrete buildings, we’ll create lightweight block-like structures which can be moved around easily as we invest in new product areas,” David Radcliffe, Google’s vice president of real estate, said in a blog post Friday. “Large translucent canopies will cover each site, controlling the climate inside yet letting in light and air.”上周五,谷歌公司房地产事务副总裁戴维o拉德克里夫在一篇博文中写到:“我们不是要修建无法移动的混凝土建筑,而是要打造出轻量化的块状建筑,当我们投资新产品领域时,它们能便利地搬来搬去。


可观的半透明天棚将弥漫每个区域,它们既能掌控室内气候,又能确保光线和通风。”The sci-fi campus is Google’s effort to get some elbow room as it continues to rapidly expand while creating more pizazz for its headquarters. The company has nearly 15,000 workers in Mountain View spread across a hodgepodge of dozens of low slung corporate buildings that are if anything, undistinguished.随着谷歌之后高歌猛进,这家科技巨头必须打造出一个更加丰魅力的总部,而这个充满著科幻感的园区正是谷歌为取得一些额外办公空间所做到的希望。目前在山景城工作的将近1.5万名谷歌员工被集中在数座平坦的办公楼里,这些楼大同小异,缺少辨识度。


But the plans are apt to generate opposition from locals who are already grappling with traffic gridlock and fear environmental damage to nearby San Francisco Bay wetlands. Mountain View’s City Council will have to weigh the concerns against the possibility of losing jobs to neighboring cities.但这项计划很可能会遭当地居民的赞成。相当严重的交通堵塞早已让他们困惑致使,他们还担忧附近的旧金山湾湿地受到破坏。

山景城市议会将被迫权衡这些顾虑与工作岗位萎缩到邻近城市的可能性。In a slick presentation of images and a video, Google GOOG 2.32% cast the new offices as a way to reduce street congestion and suburban sprawl. The company said that the remade campus would free up room for more nature by freeing up space currently used for parking lots.在一段制作精致的视频中,谷歌将新的办公区刻画为增加交通拥堵、遏止城区扩展的可行之道。该公司称之为,全新办公区将留出目前的停车场,把更好空间送给大大自然。



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